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All Bradley, All the time

Bradley Cooper Daily - A picture community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Community Commandments

1. Respect your fellow community members. We are here to drool over Bradley Cooper not get in flame wars. You flame you are banned.
2. This is a picture posting community. If you want to discuss Bradley's newest project or his dog's name then pleases visit - BradleyCooper. If you want to post a picture and maybe pimp or inquire a bit, that is cool - but the focus here is images.
3. If you love a picture the take it. (right click and save), if you want to share this picture someplace else, then save it and host it (right click, save)- AKA- NO HOTLINKING
4. If you have a bunch of pictures to share, GREAT, just be nice and put them behind a cut, our flists will thank you, and people who have dial up.
5. You can post any kind of picture, icon, screencap, banner, colorbar.. etc. BC just should be the focus.
6. Feel free to pimp BC related communities or web sites.. just remember to bring a picture to the post.
7. If you want to know if you can post something - then please ask your Mods- that is what we are here for.
8. Have no clue how to do something? Then *gasp* ask a Mod.. we love to help :)
9. Please tag your entries. ( it is easy to do, but you do it after you post) It will help us build a reference library of pics.
10. Have fun.. this is a place to freely squee about Bradley.. so enjoy

Michelleann68 Michelleann68 @ Gmail.com